Teresa, a Nurse from Boston

May 2015
Elijah is a gifted and intuitive healer, who is able to pivot from his foundation as a physical therapist. He is a wonderful blend of allopathic teachings, mind body connections, and integrative therapies. As his student and patient, I have been most fortunate to experience Elijah’s ability to transform conflicts in the body mind into energies that can be dissipated and returned to creator. This allows the body to relax and be free of emotional and/or physical constraints. Because Elijah works from a heart space, his healing talents are genuine and generous. I encourage everyone to get to know Elijah and his healing work.

Benjamin-Jaymz :Hu’bbard

May 2015
Elijah is intuitive and remarkable! I have seen several practitioners in my years of Healing Integration Work and Elijah ability ranks him to my top 5. His insight and touch is caring and calming and his skills bring results. I highly recommended Elijah to anyone who is seeking Peace and Healing within their body!

Nicole Iverson

March 2015
I have had chronic sciatica discomfort since 1999 after a bad fall on ice. Over the years I have resigned to living with the pain and weakness in my left leg and hip. During my session with Elijah I was surprised at how tender the meridian points were on my left leg. In fact the next day a bruise turned up in one of the areas Elijah palpated that were feeling sensitive. When I left my treatment session that day I immediately noticed the strength in my left leg and how much stronger I was able to walk. Over the next week I realized how my sciatica pain had diminished and how strong my left leg was feeling. I was extremely happy with the result and committed to doing the exercises Elijah had given me to do. Apart from the physical result Elijah brought an emotional issue to my attention during our session and I was able to reflect on that and see if this was in actual fact still influencing my health in the present moment. He mentioned something from so long ago I honestly did not think I was carrying it with me anymore. Over the next few days after our session I made an effort to review what he had brought to my attention and worked on releasing it for good. I felt a great sense of cleansing and clearing and gained new insight into how inter-connected the mind, emotions and physical body really is.

Deborah Davis

January 2015
Elijah’s channel is pure and clear, and when he gives sessions or teaches, I notice that the space becomes charged with the energy of healing. In this space, I can feel healing within my body and witness it in others when in a group. More of this, please! As a recipient of Elijah’s energy work, the transformations have been too numerous to count. As a participant in his classes, I am always learning new and valuable tools to help connect my head to my heart. The result is a greater awareness and trust of my inner knowing. After a year of alternating between patient and student, my intuition has expanded greatly, and the channel of energy healing that wants to flow through me has become much more pronounced. I am finding greater ease in allowing and trusting myself to be the vehicle from which energy flows. Elijah is an excellent teacher and energy practitioner with a solid foundation as a physical therapist. What a great combination!



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