Distance Holistic Self-Care

Get treated with holistic physical therapy & self-care one-one-one sessions. Insurance accepted.

Distance Holistic Self-Care Sessions | 5 Session Package or Single Session

Remote Healing

A distance energetic healing session would include an energetic assessment of the person’s meridian system and a sharing of the findings. Disturbances in the energetic field will be identified and tools to influence the flow of energy will be given. Over the course of several sessions, the person will also learn a self-assessment to continue with their own personalized self-care program.

These sessions would be appropriate for anyone experiencing a muscle or joint problem or any other type of dysfunction.

The most beneficial part of the program is that people can learn to take care of themselves through the self-assessment.

Depending on the severity of the problem, it usually takes 4-6 sessions to learn to influence the energy flow.

A downloadable Holistic Self-Care Manual will be available to all participants.

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