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Holistic Self-Care Program for Individuals | 6 Session Series

The holistic self-care program for individuals is a one-on-one holistic physical therapy treatment and teaching program that will give you the opportunity to learn to take care of yourself and address your physical discomfort and pain in a holistic manner.

This program is tightly aligned with our philosophy that individuals need to be empowered to take care and heal themselves. The practitioner facilitates the process, but ultimately the healing comes from the work the individual does themselves.

In this program you will learn to assess yourself structurally and functionally so that you can access information from the subtle realms of your energy field (also known as the human biofield). These include the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life. We believe that in order to make permanent changes in your physical body, you need to address disturbances in the subtle realms.

In this program we teach you how to read the subtle realms and get the information you need to understand where you need to make corrections for your physical body to respond, shift and heal.

These disturbances are caused by imbalances in the emotional and mental bodies and they manifest in the physical body to get your attention. Most often when these disturbances manifest as pain or dysfunction, we seek medical attention to alleviate them.

In this program you learn to take a holistic approach to your pain and discomfort. We teach you to realize that the pain is a messenger from the subtle realm. Your spiritual energy is attempting to get your attention because your mind is too busy creating and solving problems to notice what is happening.

With a basic understanding of how the energy flows through our body via the meridian system, one can assess which emotions are not in harmony. Then we can the underlying beliefs that influence the mind to stimulate the emotion.

Self-treatment is focused on reestablishing the normal energy flow through the body with the use of 4 basic tools:

  1. Massage: By massaging the muscles along the meridian in their yin/yang flow, one can stimulate this flow of energy.
  2. Exercise: Activating the muscles along the path of the meridians with a meridian opening movement will also normalize the flow.
  3. Loving: The use of affirmations, visualizations, and intentions will address the disturbances in the subtle realms.
  4. Breathing: With slow breathing into the affected organs, the focus of the mind will direct healing energy to the organ.

Using these tools on a somewhat regular basis will assist one in developing a more intimate relationship with all of the aspects of your being creating a greater sense of well-being and improved structural alignment and function.

6 Series Holistic Self-Care

Cost: $200
Includes: 6 One Hour Sessions & a copy of the Holistic Self-Care Manual

Insurance Accepted

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