The Subtle Realms

What are the Subtle Realms?

The subtle realms consist of energies that we cannot see nor touch but they have a great influence on the physical body. These include the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual frequencies of the human biofield also known as the human energy field.

Before the discovery of quantum mechanics, it was believed that no two objects could occupy the same place and time. When it was discovered that all particles of matter have wave-like properties, we can see that it is possible to occupy the same place and time.

And if two particles do occupy the same place and time, they can either interact or not with each other. Since the particles are made up of waves, they can pass through each other without interacting. But when they do interact such interaction can change the energies and their properties.

For example:

The wave-like properties of your hand do not pass through a door because the electrons of your hand and the door interact. The electrons interact through photons and they virtually push each other away from each other, thereby opening the door. And even though, we can’t measure the particles known as emotions and thoughts, we know they exist and affect each other and the physical body.

We CAN measure how our body reacts to certain thoughts and emotions and our organs are especially influenced. The layers of our gut lining are lined with nerve plexuses which are sending signals from our environment to the brain, which responds accordingly.

We usually visualize the energies of the biofield as various levels with the emotional energy closest to the body followed by the mental and spiritual energies. In actuality, the electrons of the various levels are occupying the same space and time and are constantly interacting through the photons.

So the subtle realms are comprised of electrons of various frequencies interacting with each other. If the electrons are occupying the same place but not interacting they will not exert any influence and are not included in the subtle realms.

When the thoughts have an emotional charge to the electrons, they will interact through the photons and exert a great influence on the body.

subtle realms

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