Holistic Self-Care

The cutting edge Holistic Self-Care Program teaching is available to professionals, lay people and in private sessions.

What Is Holistic Self-Care?

The Holistic Self-Care Method is a unique holistic assessment and treatment approach developed by physical therapist, Elijah Carter.  The Evolving Practitioner teaches and applies Holistic Self-Care in several ways:

  1. One-on-One Holistic Physical Therapy Sessions either in person or long distance/remote taught as a program which we call the Holistic Self-Care Program.
  2. Public Workshops teaching the Holistic Self-Care Program often in a series to anyone who wants to learn to use the techniques to improve health and well-being. See our latest upcoming workshops here.
  3. Professional continuing education courses for nurses and physical therapists.
  4. Books and manuals to explore this teaching independently.

We all know that in order to have a healthy body, we must exercise properly and eat a healthy diet. But what about the rest of our biofield (human energy field)? How do we take care of the more subtle realms of our being? These realms are made up of the emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. How do we tap into the status of our whole being?

Holistic Self-Care teaches a mind, body, and spirit approach, with which we can assess the status of the whole being. We believe that the physical body is a reflection of the emotional, mental and spiritual energies (the subtle realms). For instance, if there is a disturbance or an area of disharmony in the emotional realm, it will show up in the function and structure of the physical body usually as pain or dysfunction.

The origins of the program are based in science and the experience of working with the human body for 35 years. The tenet of the program is that we are not trying to get rid of anything but merely bringing all the energies of the field into harmony. Once the energies are brought into harmony through awareness, the physical body can respond accordingly with improved structure and function.

The Holistic Self-Care Program (HSCP) is based on the ability to perform a holistic self-assessment which consists of learning five objective measurements that can be documented and used as a baseline. Based upon the assessment, the self-care consists of a series of meridian opening movements designed to influence the flow of energy and affirmations of love and appreciation to our organs.

With practice, the program takes about 20 minutes and when performed on a regular basis, can lead to a better quality of life and optimal functioning. This program is special in that instead of just learning and performing exercises to assist the body, one can develop a deeper relationship with their whole being and can come into a full realization that one is not in their body, but their body is within them.

This Holistic Self-Care program is designed to assist anyone no matter your level of functioning, to improve their structure and function. It would be especially helpful for energy workers and energy practitioners from all disciplines to ground their practice in objectivity and further develop their intuition.

It is also extremely effective for those seeking physical therapy treatment and relief from musculoskeletal injuries, pain and discomfort.

With Holistic Self-Care you realize that you are not in your body, but instead your body is within you… Learn to bring all the realms of your existence into harmony: the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.

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