Elijah Carter, Physical Therapist  & Energy Worker

Elijah Carter, PT Holistic Physical Therapist

Elijah Carter, the founder of The Evolving Practitioner, currently lives on the Big Island of Hawai’i, where he practices and teaches a very unique combination of integrating objectivity with intuition to affect optimal health and well-being. His journey has been one of constant evolution.

Soon after graduating from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1980 with his degree in Physical Therapy, Elijah opened a private practice. Having a passion for providing the highest quality patient care and possessing innovative management skills led to a successful career and 3 clinic locations. His willingness to explore the unknown brought him to the cutting edge of his profession where he established the first Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) for Physical Therapists in the nation. In addition to managing his clinics and treating patients, Elijah has taught workshops throughout the US, Mexico, and Europe.

Elijah then studied, experienced, and explored many alternative healing modalities including multidimensional healing, shamanism, sacred geometry, and most recently, developing his own unique perspective on influencing the Human Energy Field.

Drawing on his experience of over 30 years, Elijah created a system of care that focuses on influencing the subtle energy realms while objectively documenting the changes in the physical body. This approach not only delivers lasting benefits to the patient but also enables the practitioner to pursue their own unique intuitive healing abilities.

Soon after moving to the “Healing Coast” on the active Volcano Island of Hawai’i in 2008, Elijah received a vision inspired by the Volcano Goddess, Pele, to assist those in need in becoming more vibrant. Currently, he is very excited to be providing educational and transpersonal opportunities within a retreat setting for holistic practitioners of all disciplines.

In addition to his private practice and teaching, Elijah is a certified yoga teacher and cultivates a daily practice of meditation, pranayama and yoga. Much of his free time is spent exploring new paradigm possibilities; supporting and enjoying his close knit Hawai’i community, and swimming with dolphins.

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