Holistic Self-Care Program

A workshop for nurses, healing touch workers, body workers, massage therapists and energy workers.

CNE Workshop Hawaii

In this CNE Workshop Hawaii Learn How to Identify and Resolve Disturbances In the Subtle Energies Including The Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Realms.

Workshop Goals

Assessing The Human Energy Field

To teach the practitioner how to assess their own energy field and learn holistic self-care activities for optimal functioning. Holistic Self-Care based upon a Holistic Self-Assessment will further support the practitioner’s well-being and result in a balanced and strong practitioner.

Influence The Subtle Realms

To teach the practitioner to identify and document objective findings in the physical body while using their intention to influence the subtle realms (mental, emotional and spiritual). This system of physical assessment and documentation will provide the practitioner with a powerful tool to direct and measure their self-care plan.

Workshop Description

There are a myriad of factors contributing to the occupational stress and the risk of burn out for nurses and practitioners. Most self-care programs lack objective measurements when developing a self-care plan. Most self-care strategies do not include assessment of the subtle energies including the emotional, mental, and spiritual realms.

Holistic nurses and practitioners are aware of the need for self-care. Practitioners and nurses create healing environments while they strive to achieve harmony and balance in their own lives and to assist others to do the same. Many practitioners are able to use objective data to design a patient care plan but are deficient in objective data for development of a self-care plan.

The purpose of this workshop is to enable the participant to develop a holistic self-care program that is based on a holistic objective self-assessment and includes identifying disturbances in the subtle realms (mental, emotional and spiritual).

Participants will learn how to apply objective measurements to their holistic self-care program and be able to determine efficacy of the program. This workshop will enable the practitioner to apply a system of physical assessment and documentation to their current self-care work to determine the efficacy of their self-care treatments. This system will enable nurses and practitioners to enhance their self-care practice by implementing a system of objective measurements, introducing validity to the practice. This system also applies to body workers, energy workers, healing touch workers, massage therapists, etc.

Standardized physical tests can be used as objective measurements to determine the efficacy of self-care treatments when influencing the more subtle energies. Since the body is a reflection of the whole human energy field, in order to make permanent changes in the body, the more subtle realms need to be influenced. With a holistic self-care treatment approach directed towards the subtle realms, it is very important to use objective findings to guide and determine the efficacy of treatments. In this system the use of standardized physical tests such as structural alignment, range of motion, strength, resistance, and palpation, will establish a necessary baseline and will guide the practitioner to areas of the human energy field that are not in harmony.

Many holistic practitioners use self-care and energy modalities, but few use objective physical measurements of their functional and structural physical state before and after energetic or self-care interventions. The benefit of having the skill of documenting objective assessment of the impact of an energy treatment or self-care treatment will help practitioners to determine their response and adjust their self-care plan accordingly.

Recent studies have shown that human qualities can alter the properties of physical matter through specific human intentions. In this workshop practitioners will have the opportunity to assess their own energy field and learn holistic self-care activities for optimal functioning. Practitioners will learn to document objective findings in their physical bodies while using their intention to influence the subtle realms.

The workshop content is holistically oriented. The system of objective data gathering allows the participants to correlate the findings of the physical body with imbalances in the mind-body-spirit-emotions of the client/patient. The physical body is a reflection of the whole self and through this method changes made to correct imbalance in any dimension of the whole self can be empirically noted in the physical body.

The Workshop Includes

  • Lecture and Written Materials
  • Holistic Self-Care Manual
  • Learn and Practice Meridian Opening Exercises
  • Demonstration with Practicum of Objective Measurement System

Lecture and written materials will be utilized in the workshop. Participants will receive a study manual. Meridian opening exercises will encourage grounding and kinesthetic assimilation of material. Demonstration and practicum experience will encourage intuitive and “felt-sense” knowing. The instructor and staff will also be available for highly individualized learning to correct, instruct and co-create the participants’ new understanding of their work in the subtle realms.

The practicum sessions will allow workshop participants to do the work and practice the skills learned and also experience the work. Participating in the meridian opening exercises will allow participants to tune in energetically to the assessments and content presented.

Unplug from your weekly routine in a weekend of sharing, learning and moving towards higher vibrations.

CNE Workshop Hawaii

This is a weekend workshop and starts at 4pm on Friday and concludes at 1pm on Sunday. You can view the detailed workshop schedule, on the workshop schedule page.

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Who Is The Workshop For?

  • All RNs
  • Advance Practice RNs
  • Holistic RNs in Specialty Areas
  • LPNs
  • Energy Workers
  • Body Workers
  • Healing Touch Workers
  • Massage Therapist

Learn Holistic Self-Care To:

  • Identify disturbances in your mental, emotional, and spiritual energy fields
  • Use meridian opening movements to adjust and correct the energy flow where disturbances are measured
  • Deepen your intuitive understanding of the status of your human energy field and take action to work on imbalances
  • Measure your self-care plan treatment progress/efficacy
  • Direct your self-care plan
  • Bring measurable objective science to your self-care plan
  • Apply a system of assessment and documentation to your self-care plan

Workshop Cost

Continuing Nursing Education
CNE Credits: 10


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Workshop Format

This is a weekend workshop. The workshop starts on a Friday afternoon at 4pm and finishes Sunday at 1:30pm. A full workshop schedule is available here.

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This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association, an accredited approved by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Approved to award 10 CNE through 04/01/2018

Approval for contact hours through the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) is based on an assessment of the educational merit of this program and does not constitute endorsement of the use of any specific modality in the care of clients.

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