Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Nurses and Physical Therapists in Hawaii

The Evolving Practitioner provides courses and workshops in continuing education for nurses and physical therapists in Hawaii. The focus of our continuing education courses are based on a unique method, Holistic Self-Care, developed by physical therapist, Elijah Carter.

Holistic Self-Care provides practitioners with tools to objectively measure how the subtle realms of the emotions, thoughts and spirit has a direct impact on the well-being of patients and practitioners alike.

In this system practitioners are taught how to do an assessment on themselves or on their patients to assess the flow of energy through the meridian system. Each meridian correlates with a particular organ and the organ is associated with particular emotions.

This method is focuses on the structural and musculoskeletal function of the body and provides a holistic treatment that follows the assessment. After treatment assessment is repeated and changes can be documented objectively.

The holistic treatment includes a massage or self-massage along the meridian path in their yin/yang flow, meridian opening movements, affirmations, visualizations, intentions and breathwork.

Our courses are primarily offered on the eastern side of The Big Island of Hawaii. Our courses are scheduled over the weekends and our venue setting offers a breathtaking tropical background to your learning experience.

Airport pick-up and drop off provided as well as packages complete with accommodation and meals. Relax, learn and we will do the rest.
Our continuing education course for nurses is focused on self-care while the continued competency course for physical therapists is focused on using the method in practice as well as self-care.

This is a unique opportunity to learn a holistic approach to avoid burn-out for nurses and to give physical therapists an addition tool to get their patients 100% better.

Holistic-Self Care Program for nurses. Courses starting in 2017. Sign up to get updates.

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