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Who is The Evolving Practitioner?

Evolution (ev-uh-loo-shuh n) a gradual process in which something changes into a different and usually complex or better form.

Practitioner (prak-tish-uh-ner)  a person who regularly does an activity that requires a skill or practice.

It is a leap into the unknown that guides us into the changes.  Fear of the unknown enables us to feel comfortable with the status quo. It is the presence of Love that propels us forward in this evolutionary process. And when we are grounded in objectivity, we can explore that process without fear.

The Evolving Practitioner will not just learn a new set of skills and knowledge, but will demonstrate human capacities such as intuition, will, intention, imagination, and creativity.

Science is the collective study of the physical, objective world – the outer aspect of Reality.

Spirituality is the individual exploration of the true nature within – the inner aspect of Reality.

The Evolving Practitioner will have the ability to unite Science and Spirituality in a personal synthesis of the rational, intellectual, and outer aspects of Reality with the intuitive, emotional, and inner aspects of existence.

Reality includes body (matter) and consciousness. Once we let go of trying to control life and forcing it in the direction our ego wants it to go, life will respond to our state of consciousness.

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