Learn how to identify and open up stagnant energy

Plus clear out negative emotions and ease your mind while
releasing pain and discomfort from the body

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Why holistic self-care?

Allow your pain to empower you.

Empowers the Higher Self

You realize that you are not in your body, but instead your body is within you. Learn to bring all the realms of your existence into harmony: the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical.

restores energy flow

Learn a self-assessment to determine sources of energy stagnation. Practice meridian opening movements together with self-massage and loving affirmations to restore energy flow.

facilitates healing

Raising your vibrational frequency and restoring energy flow to painful and injured areas by practicing the 4 part treatment 20 minutes a day will bring relief and healing and also empower you to use your natural internal healing abilities.

What clients say

“Elijah’s channel is pure and clear, and when he gives sessions or teaches, I notice that the space becomes charged with the energy of healing. In this space, I can feel healing within my body and witness it in others when in a group. More of this, please!”

Deborah Davis

Client, Pahoa, HI

“’Elijah is a gifted and intuitive healer, who is able to pivot from his foundation as a physical therapist. He is a wonderful blend of allopathic teachings, mind body connections, and integrative therapies.”


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